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  • Kids Campus Update

    Some of the Children took part in a beautiful show and festival to celebrate the building of Gandys first Kids campus.


  • Kids Campus Update

    3 Weeks on from starting the build, we seem to have made some incredible progress, this couldn't have happened without the help of you all, Thank you... Rob & Paul


  • Kids Campus Update

    After having the Land Blessed and prepared for building work to commence we are proud to show you the progress of the Kids Campus. The local community have really put amazed us with the building of this beautiful Kids Campus, looks like we will be opening our very first campus very soon.

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  • Tsunami Kids Book Launch

    17th November 2014 was the official launch date for the Gandys Brothers book, Tsunami Kids. The Book Launch was held at 5th view in Piccadilly.


  • Kids Campus Update


    Its days like today that makes us love what we do! The local community and children have had a ceremony to bless the land and the building of our Kids Campus. Thank you to all those who have supported us on our journey it wouldn't be possible without you. Rob & Paul


  • Tsunami Kids

    On Boxing Day 2004, Rob, Paul, Matty and Rosie Forkan lost their parents in the tsunami that devastated Sri Lanka. This is an enthralling, harrowing but ultimately uplifting journey from the slums of India and the tsunami, to the boardrooms of the City of London, Downing Street and beyond.


  • Live on BBC World News

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    Rob & Paul were asked to go on BBC World News to talk about Their new book that shares their journey through life so far and most importantly building their first Kids Campus.

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  • Gandys First Kids Campus

    Super excited to announce we now have the land to build our very own first kids campus that will be helping the lives of around 400 people. The land is in an town called "Mau Gama" which actually means "Mothers Village". Thank you too all those who continue to support us on our journey - Rob & Paul


  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween from Gandys!


  • Gandys Gig with Newton Faulkner

    We have had an action packed summer to say the least here at Gandys! The summer kicked off with Boris Johnson officially opening our new HQ ready for business. The Gandys team have been all over the country hitting up the music festivals to launch our Liberty of London Collaboration.

    The Brothers have also been all over the World spending time in Jamaica at the Branson Centre and visiting an amazing reggae inspired children's home. Most recently they were asked to represent the Queens Young Leaders and spent and afternoon with Prince William & Harry at Buckingham Palace (and of course they had their Gandys on!)

    As a thank you to everyone who has supported us this year and thought we finished the summer with a #GandysGig with an amazing intimate performance from the one and only Newton Faulkner.




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